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Affordable energy is the backbone of any thriving, sustainable economy.

Keeping up with our nation’s growing energy demands will require an “all of the above” approach. As we continue to develop cleaner and more efficient traditional fossil fuel technologies, we must invest in sustainable and profitable renewable energies that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and help secure a clean energy future for generations to come.

The Renewable Energy Industry continues to be driven by the ever-growing concerns of climate change both here in the US and abroad. Total global investments in solar, wind and biofuel energy futures have reached nearly 300 billion dollars. Strides in Advanced third-generation technologies including Ocean Energy continue to draw attention and global R & D investments.

From Siting and Licensing of new facilities through turnkey EPC and build to order Construction Project Management, our clients  have come to rely on our knowledgeable team of consultants as trusted partners to provide recruitment and staffing solutions for their most complex and demanding projects.  With an expansive network of cutting edge talent and over three decades of experience, Pendleton Resources offers unparalleled service and solutions to the Energy Construction industry.

Our expert consultants have access to top-notch talent in the following areas:

Energy Construction

  • Soil to Roof Construction Services
  • Substation Design Engineers
  • Turnkey and Build To Order Project Management
  • Auxiliary Infrastructures, Water Lines, and E&S Control Management
  • Supply Chain Management – Inventory, Warehousing and Pipe Yard Management

Renewable Energy

  •      Wind Energy Services
  •      Solar Energy Services
  •      Bio Energy Services
  •      Sustainability Consultant
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