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Improving our nations aging infrastructure has recently become a growing concern of industry and government alike. Our highways and bridges, water and sewer systems and bus, rail and transit systems are all in need of repair, rehabilitation and replacement.  Providing our citizens with safe drinking water, access to safe and clean public parks and efficient, affordable modes of public transportation is a shared responsibility that will require an estimated investment of nearly 2.2 Trillion dollars over the next five years.

Our respected clients in these diverse industries design and build the world we live in.

At Pendleton Resources, our partners are among the worldwide leaders and innovators in the Planning, Design, Construction Management and project delivery methods that assure even the most complex projects are on time and within budget.  Their expertise and dedication guarantees that our limited resources are maximized and the benefits for us all are wide-reaching and long-lasting.

Creating world class organizations means recruiting, training and retaining the best and brightest talent. Across the wide array of infrastructure initiatives, our clients depend on our knowledgeable and connected consultants to provide them with only the most capable candidates.

We’ve built our reputation and long-term industry relationships filling a wide range of positions including:


  • Water Tunnels
  • Water Resources
  • Surface and Groundwater Supply
  • Dams and Reservoirs
  • Water Treatment and Distribution
  • Water Quality Management
  • Wetland Delineation and Mitigation
  • Sewer Systems Infrastructure
  • Combined Sewer Overflow Control (CSO)
  • Drainage and Sewerage
  • Wastewater Plant Design and Construction

Highways and Roadways

  • Design Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Design/BuildD

Bridges and Tunnels

  • Structural Engineering
  • Geo-Technical Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Resident Engineering

Transit and Rail

  • High Speed Rail
  • Municipal Transit Systems
  • Freight Railroad Lines
  • Project Management


  • Planning and Siting
  • Facility Design and Construction
  • Runway Design

Ports and Harbors

  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Construction Planning, Scheduling & Cost Estimating
  • Construction Management, Inspection & Quality Control
  • Design/Build

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