Oil & Gas Midstream

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As the development of our nation’s energy resources reaches historic levels, the ability to transport and process oil and gas commodities is an ever increasing challenge. Our partners in the midstream industry are expanding their reach into more remote production fields to maintain processing capacities that will accommodate growing production levels now and into the future.

Recent discoveries in the shale regions of the U.S. and Canada prompted an unprecedented North American construction boom. In 2012, The Pipeline and Gas Journal reported nearly 6,000 miles of pipeline under construction with an additional 26,000 more in the planning stages.

Expansion of our nation’s network of pipelines and processing facilities requires more than increasing dollar investments and advancing technologies. People remain our clients’ most valuable resource. The Engineers, Operators, Construction and Maintenance Project Managers at all levels continue to be our greatest asset in our countries race toward energy independence. We assist our Midstream partners in staffing and retaining talent in key roles within a very competitive market.

Our clients depend on Pendleton Resources’ team of skilled consultants to comprehend and effectively communicate their unique competitive advantages. This reputation of excellence and service gives us unparalleled access to the industries most talented active and passive candidates.

We are actively seeking qualified professionals for Midstream positions including:


  • Process
  • Pipeline
  • Terminals

  • Optimization
  • Mechanical
  • Pipeline Siting & Licensing
  • Operators & Maintenance


  • Superintendents
  • Foreman
  • Project Management

Corporate Services

  • Business Development
  • Marketing

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